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What are the Tarot Cards of Tech?

Update: Our fundraiser for the Technology Access Foundation is complete. Thank you to everyone who purchased a deck, and you can still download a pdf of the cards here.

The Tarot Cards of Tech are a tool to inspire important conversations around the true impact of technology and the products we design. Artefact created the Tarot Cards of Tech to encourage creators to think about the outcomes technology can create, from unintended consequences to opportunities for positive change. Think of it as our way of helping you gaze into the future to determine how to make your product the best it can be.

Bring the Tarot Cards of Tech  to your next brainstorm or team meeting to start a conversation about questions of scale, of what usage really means, and how equity and access play a role in the technology we create. Perhaps it will expose a potential negative outcome that can be avoided, like a feature that could be abused or alienates people. But the cards are also designed to help reveal opportunities to increase the positive aspects of products as well, like ways to create more inclusive products or connect people in more meaningful ways. 

Don't forget to tune in to our webinar Trust, Transparency + Tarot Cards on June 21 at 11PT/1CT/2ET to learn more about the thinking behind the cards and how you can apply an outcomes-focused approach to your work. 

Let us know how you use the cards. We would love to hear about your experience.